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e.CANNUCCIA-STRAW BEST of year 2017 winner in the category Bath: Accessories & Hardware











BREM radiators are designed to satisfy all the functional and aesthetic demands of the architect: they can therefore be positioned in any space with appropriate dimensions.
Particular care is taken in painting, using a long series of treatments; resulting in a bright, shiny, uniform and faultless finish.

CLAK is an ultra thin panel with a refined minimalist look, just 2,3 cm thick.
How to enhance simple rectangular tubes? How to reinterpret a capital? How to create a “base” for a free-standing radiator? HERG is a wall-mounted radiator resting on square brackets. It looks just like one of those early cast-iron radiators which were too heavy for wall fittings. It rises (majestically) to the ceiling!
The towel rails - painted in the same colour as the heating element - are in two parts: the top left-hand section also has two handy hooks for towelling robes.

HERG-ÖT is reminiscent of the iconic form of a ladder and can be fitted either perpendicular to the wall or at a slight angle. The parallel tubes (crosswise and
flat) provide comfort and warm to the bathroom, at the same time acting as a casual hook for clothes, towelling robes and towels.

The FREE heating towel bar can be fixed at will to the wall

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