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design Luigi Brembilla

S-PLATT radiators also come with the exclusive SIMIL finishes that reproduce the effects of carbon fibre, Kevlar, brushed aluminium, worn rust-colored leather and greyish black leather. You can’t help but want to touch them, be surprised and amazed by their “magic”. These fine, innovative finishes require great technical skill and are perfect for creating special atmospheres and a highly customised feature for any room, not to mention an image of great impact.

S-PLATT SIMIL COLLECTION The exclusive SIMIL finishes:
S-PLATT SIMIL CARBON - carbon fibre
S-PLATT SIMIL KEVLAR - kevlar fibre
S-PLATT SIMIL SPAZZ - brushed aluminium
S-PLATT SIMIL PELLE - (skin-like finish) SB 7011 (indicative color)
S-PLATT SIMIL CUOIO - (leather-like finish) SB 0022 (indicative color)
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