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Steel tube triumphs for the purity of its lines. Tube dimensions have been particularly reduced in the Form series, where manifolds also assume special shape and design and lightness reigns supreme in the compositional balance.

The design of the FORM radiator pays a lot of attention not only on the shape of the manifolds and the extremely reduced sizes of the radiating tubes, but also on the high technology applied in its construction which allows an impeccable finish. The FORM radiators are produced in two models: FH with horizontal manifolds and vertical radiating tubes ø 12mm, and FV with vertical manifolds and horizontal radiating tubes.
Each model is available in two versions: F2 with aligned tubes (1 tube every 2 cm), F3 with alternate tubes (2 tubes every 3 cm). The number next to the "F" indicates the different distance in cm between the centre lines of radiating tubes. The F2 model is constructed to customer requirements, after favourable technical opinion, for the double FD version with horizontal or vertical tubes. The three models (F2-F3-FD) produce a heat
output which is notably different for the same size, allowing improved positioning of the radiator in the space available. On request, radiators can be made-tomeasure, complete with feet and clamp allowing them to be positioned as room dividers or partitions. The FORM radiators are produced as standard in white “sablé” SB9010; on request they can be painted in one of the colors from the BREM list.
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