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Here’s the most faithful interpretation of the radiating surface: a completely flat surface constructed using flattened tubes. It’s surprising how the minimalism of this heating element offers so many possibilities for composition and high heat output at no expense to beauty.

SUIT-H is created with flattened tubes that merge imperceptibly with the manifolds assembled in such way as to create a completely flat radiating surface cadenced by the union of its various elements.
The SUIT-H radiating plate is available in single or double form. The insertion of fins at the rear increases heat output. The models with horizontal manifold are: H radiating plate with flattened vertical tubes;
HL radiating plate with flattened tubes and fins on the back; HLH double radiating plate with fins; H-2 double radiating plate with double fins.

We find the characteristics of the flat tubes assembled also in SUIT-V, where the manifold and flat tubes are perfectly matched together on one single plane. Here, however, the heating element is positioned horizontally.
Even in this horizontal version, the plate can be constructed in single or double version. The insertion of fins on the back helps increase heat output. The versions with horizontal tubes are: V radiating plate with flattened horizontal tubes; VL radiating plate with flattened tubes and fins at the rear; VLV double radiating plate with fins; V-2 double radiating plate with horizontal tubes; VL-2 double plate with double fins.
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